Noting Copyright

By default, all Content Contributed to the Library is dedicated to the public domain (see our [Terms of Use][terms-of-use]). Contributions that are shared/uploaded should explicitly note their copyright terms if the author(s) do not waive authorship as per our [Contributor Terms][contributor-terms]. Works licensed under the Creative Commons can be included in Contributions as long as the terms of use are met, which in all CC instances it includes attribution.

Attribution for CC Content

CC-BY-NC-ND Up Close and Personal by Servando Miramontes

For most cases, this will apply to images and therefore the code has been developed for this particular type of media. To the right you can see how it displays and in the code snippet below you can see the code that renders it. The position and size properties are CSS classes (Semantic-UI). You can ommit the workTitle property but the rest should be filled.

{% include cc-image.html position="right floated" size="medium" sourceURL="" license="by-nc-nd" workTitle="Up Close and Personal" attributeURL="" attributeTo="Servando Miramontes" %}

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