Adding a New Entry

The steps to add an entry differ depending on your [access permisions][permissions] as a non-member, member, or team member.

  1. Open Collection Folder Go to the sphere repository. Figure out in what collection your new initiative belongs to and open that folder.
  2. Create New File click the Create New File button.
  3. Copy and Paste EntryTemplate Open the entry template, copy and paste the entire contents into your new file.
  4. Edit content Fill in the data fields and add text to your entry. You can Preview the markdown.
  5. Propose new file To commit and save your file, click Propose new file.
  6. Create Pull request If you are able to merge, click on Create Pull Request, you can add additional comments to your pull request if you want to.
  7. Wait for Merge A member will revise your PR, request additional commits from you or approve the PR and merge your changes to the master branch.

Rejoice! your entry is now part of DIYbiosphere! :clap: :clap:

Thank you for your contribution! :heart:


by Adding a New Entry