Our Community

As an open source project, anyone can freely contribute to DIYbiosphere! Only a GitHub account (sign up) is necessary. Users who join the DIYbiosphere organization are actively involved in contributing and developing the project. The organization is divided into several teams with specific roles:

  • Board of Directors: oversee the general direction and development of the project. They also have admin and owner control over the sphere repository and the DIYbiosphere organization respectively.
    • Jason Bobe: Chief Executive Officer - @JasonBobe
    • Gabriela A. Sanchez: Chief Project Officer - @sabgaby
  • Core Developers: coordinate the software and the content of the entries as well as their design. They have admin access to the sphere respository
    • Mac Cowell: Chief Technical Officer - @100ideas
  • Editors: are in charge of curating entries and their content
  • Managers: are all users who are in charge of one or many entries

How to join

Join the organization and benefit from direct writing permissions to the files without forking or pull requests. It makes editing files real easy and quick.

  • Create a new issue with the title “Membership request”. You can optionally add information about yourself in the description and if you would like to join a specific team.


The project is developed in partnership with the DIYbio.org network.

If you would like to become a partner, please contact @sabgaby or @JasonBobe.