The DIYbiosphere Project

The DIYbiosphere collects and maintains entries on Do-it-Yourself biology (DIYbio) initiatives from all over the world in a distributed manner, similar to a wiki but using GitHub Pages. The project is participatory and completely open-source. Everyone can access and (re)use the content at, which is dedicated to the public domain, except where otherwise noted. Anyone can also contribute to the project: writers add or edit entries, and developers parcipate in the development; the software, design, and overall direction of the project. Go to the repository at DIYbiosphere/sphere to see how to get started to contribute. You can also get more involved and become a member of the development community.

DIYbiosphere has four main goals. One is to create a central platform to find and learn about DIYbio initiatives. Two is to provide the DIYbio community a simple way to post and share their initiatives. Three is to have an open-source project to foster connection to DIYbio projects, people, and ideas. And four is to map and visualize the DIYbio community. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values in our philosophy page.