Editing Entries

All you need is a GitHub account (sign up), but you might consider joining the development community for direct editing without pull requests.

Good reference materials are the Writing Guide and the example entry of the Avocado Lab webpage which is rendered from this file.

  1. Go to page you want to edit: Above the title of the entry click the icon, which will take you to GitHub.
  2. Select edit button: The pencil icon . If you are not a member, Github will let you know you don’t have ‘write’ access to the project. A new file will be saved under your copy of the project (i.e. a ‘fork’) and can later be merged with a ‘pull request’.

  1. Edit content: Make changes to the front matter (data keys in between ---) and update the entry in markdown text. The Preview markdown will only render the text and the front matter will be inside a two row table
  2. Select Propose file change at the bottom of the page, when you are finished editing,
Add changes in large batches if possible

Make all the changes you want, even to other files, in your own ‘fork’ or ‘branch’ and merge them all at once

  1. Select Create Pull Request if you are able to merge. You can add additional comments to your pull request
  2. Wait for Merge A member will revise your Pull Request (PR), request additional edits from you, or approve the PR and merge your changes to the master branch. Members can approve their own PR or edit directly into the master branch

Rejoice! your new entry is now part of DIYbiosphere! :clap: :clap:

Thank you for your contribution! :heart:

Changes are not immediate

Changes to the files trigger a Travis Build which can take up to 10 minutes


Open Comments Issue in GitHub