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The Design Elements

By design, we mean all things concerning the user experience; the aesthetics and interface of DIYbiosphere.

Branding of the project


The name for the project: ‘DIYbiosphere’, is inspired as an analogy to that of a ‘biosphere’. A biosphere is a global ecological system that integrates all living beings and their relationships. In this sense, the DIYbiosphere is supposed to reflect the social and technological systems of DIYbio – its people and artifacts – as well as their relationships.

The logo takes the earth sphere with a magnifying glass on the right bottom corner displaying the DIYbio lab goggles from



User interface

Color scheme

The colors scheme is kept at a minimal, using mainly white, grey, black and blue.

Semantic-UI Library

We use [Semantic-UI][semantic] as the UI framework because it is simple to code. The framework has been modified from the default theme. Modifying both the variables and override documents of the src elements


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